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Russell Wilson weighs in on whether load management would work in the NFL
The topic of , players taking games off here and there to rest during the Nino Niederreiter Jersey season, has been a major conversation in the NBA and reigning Finals MVP and now is at the forefront of the discu sion. Many have given their opinions on the matter, including basketball icon and current owner who does not agree with it and says the players are "paid to play 82 games" and therefore they should play 82 games. Others disagree and believe the players need some time off just like everyone else.People have brought up the fact that franchises often sell tickets based on their star playing and when that player sits out for a game, they hear it from the fans and the entertainment experience suffers. quarterback weighed in on this concept on the , and spoke on whether he Zach Parise Jersey believes it would work in the NFL.Wilson, who has not mi sed one game in his career, commented that the NBA and NFL are very different beasts and therefore the conversation around load management is drastically different between the two. He said because a football season is substantially shorter, it would not make as much sense.The weight each NFL game holds is very different from the weight each NBA regular season game holds, and for that reason alone, Wilson does not believe load management is something that would creep into the NFL. He said :"I think the reality is, for players, every week matters. In the NFL, every game matters. There's no bad teams, really. There's a lot of great players, every team has great players. Charlie Coyle Jersey Every team has people who can really make a lot of plays. So you'll see games where 'how did that team win that game?' And 'how did that team do that?' That's just because it's a battle every week."He also brought up the idea of a , something he also does not agree with."I think with football there definitely are some tough injuries and everything else, but the reality is we only get 16 chances to do it. I know there's talk about having a 17-game season and po sibly having every player sit out one game, which I think is a terrible idea," he said. "I Erik Haula Jersey think that has nothing do to with really player health or safety or anything like that."What he does believe it has everything to do with is money. "I think that more has to do with, you know, trying to get more games in. At the end of the day, the NFL's a busine s, but to make people sit out a game makes no sense when there Alex Stalock Jersey 's not enough games in the first place if you do that," he said. Wilson is in MVP conversation this year and has helped lead the Seahawks to their 7-2 record and the second spot in the NFC West, behind the undefeated .
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Russell Wilson weighs in on whether load management would work in the NFL - от ymakerpi8d - 08-08-2023, 04:29 AM

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