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Steps for establishing a company
The company in its general sense is a capital management with a regulated legal framework, and the company must be composed of more than one person who participate in the establishment of a particular project, so the capital is converted into shares and each partner has a right to this company to the extent of the number of shares he owns, as these shares represent the capital The money he shared.

There are several forms of companies, including the so-called solidarity companies, others called limited liability companies, and limited joint stock companies, and each type has its own circumstances and foundations, and all of them seek to protect the rights of partners and distribute and manage work in a scientific way that achieves success for the project and reduces the rate of failure. The project also has a commercial name and a record official in state departments.

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Establishment of the company
The basic information about the project to be established must be available in order to determine the type of company that provides opportunities for the success of the project more, as there are more than one type of companies and each type has policies, terms, conditions and legal responsibilities to be registered, and these types are: one-person company, solidarity company, A limited liability company, and a private joint stock company.

Determining the company's activity: This means the nature of the company's work, and the activities that the work team will carry out, whether they are commercial, advertising, marketing, and other forms of commercial activities.
Determining a commercial name for the project: it must be a name unique to the company, as it is not permissible to have a similar name in the country, and it is preferable that it be an attractive expressive name that attracts or attracts those who read it and tries to identify the activities of this company, as this name appears in the interface The company, and all its publications.

The company must also adopt a logo that indicates its work, like many international brands that have owned a brand name at the regional or international level and succeeded and achieved great profits.
Determining the capital: it is the sums of money that the partners want to use in this company.

Official registration of the company: After preparing all the first requirements, the stage of registering the company in the official records now begins, and some identification papers must be brought to the partners to ensure their rights and review the department concerned with registering companies. This department issues an official certificate that includes all the information about the company. This certificate carries a serial number with similar companies She is allowed to stamp her name and print company bonds and invoices.

Determining the company's headquarters, address and phone numbers in order to facilitate the access of customers to it.
Marketing advertisements: This element should not be overlooked, as advertising for any commodity increases customer demand and helps increase the company's sales and achieve more profits. Today, the Internet has become one of the most prevalent means of advertising.

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