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Performed interviews with Marshall
"The information became, they are making a brand new WOTLK Classic recreation, and there is simplest thus far humans are going to care approximately that.""I'm now no longer going up WOTLK Gold in opposition to WOTLK Classic. That's a massive recreation; it is now no longer really well worth it." Marshall defined his attitude earlier than P2Pah formally confirmed The New Order. "

I'll get swamped. If that [reveal] have been gameplay video and previews and masses of meaty stuff for humans to speak approximately and chunk over, I do not assume I might have introduced. I might have left that for any other day. But it got here out with a prerendered video, and every body type of went, 'OK, you are making a brand new WOTLK Classic.' And that became it as a ways because the information became worried. The information became, they are making a brand new WOTLK Classic recreation, and there is simplest thus far humans are going to care approximately that."

Because there wasn't a good deal facts approximately The New Order on May 7, Marshall felt assured that his recreation would not be overshadowed. "There became nonetheless room to speak approximately Gun Monkeys. People were not simply obsessively speakme approximately WOTLK Classic," he stated. And aleven though Gun Monkeys failed to get almost as a good deal popularity as The New Order, it nonetheless carved out its very own niche.

Websites published facts, cobbled collectively previews, and performed interviews with Marshall. Then it became only a rely of momentum. "The media reaction is simplest 1/2 of of it, if that. The different 1/2 of is getting humans to speak approximately it on buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold Twitter and Facebook, and getting humans involved sufficient in the sport to unfold it on their very own volition. Journalists get that ball rolling for you."
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