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Still in a long line! Waiting to pay homage to "Queen's Funeral" Day 2 8 km - takes 9
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Still in a long line! – AFP and theสล็อตทุนน้อยBBC reported on September 16 about the atmosphere of worshiping the casket. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom at Westminster Hall Inside the Palace of Westminster, or the Houses of Parliament in London, England, on the second of four days that People from all over the country still lined up to pay their respects at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, September 15, local time.

Start today! The Meteorological Department has issued a warning for heavy rains, strong winds, and the risk of flooding.
More than eight kilometers (8 kilometers) of people lined the south bank walkway along the Thames, and it took them about nine hours to line up to Westminster Hall.

while a spokesman for Mrs. Liz Truss, British Prime Minister The statement said the female leaders were delighted that the public were willing to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, and that the participants paid their respects and showed mutual respect while waiting in line.

Waiting to pay homage to "Queen's Funeral" Day 2 8 km - takes 9 hours

For the schedule at 11:15 a.m., King Charles III of the United Kingdom, along with his wife, Queen Camilla, will travel to Cardiff. the capital city of wales to attend a prayer and mourning ceremony for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Landuff Cathedral.

He then proceeded to Senedd, or the Parliament of Wales, where members of the House of Commons would offer their condolences over the passing of Queen Elizabeth. and will bestow upon Mr. Mark Drakeford, Premier of Wales with Mrs. Elin Jones, Speaker of the Welsh Parliament Guarding at Cardiff Castle He will also attend a reception for a local charity at Cardiff Castle.

In the afternoon, King Charles III and his wife return to Buckingham Palace in London. Around 7:30 p.m. Charles III will travel to Westminster. ll to stand in custody around the casket of Queen Elizabeth II according to the royal tradition along with Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, the younger sister and her two younger brothers, Prince Andrew. Duke of York and Prince Edward Earl of Wessex The ceremony will take 15 minutes.

On September 19, after finishing the ceremony at Westminster Cathedral in the morning. Queen Elizabeth II's coffin will be moved to Windsor Castle. west of london Before King Charles III and the royal family attended the funeral procession From the square in Windsor Castle to St George's Chapel for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Inside the underground chamber enshrines the remains of King George VI of the United Kingdom. Father of Queen Elizabeth II with the coffins of Queen Elizabeth, Mother and Margaret of Princess Margaret. Countess of Snowdon, younger sister, with the tomb of Queen Elizabeth II alongside Prince Philip's coffin. The Duke of Edinburgh, consort, who died and was buried in the crypt in 2021.

On Edward Fitsalan-Howard Earl Marshall or Duke of Norfolk The person responsible for the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II told reporters that Queen Elizabeth II transcends time. The aim of the funeral ceremony, which will take place in the coming days, will unite people from all over the world and all religions.

Among the world leaders who confirmed that they would attend the funeral service at Westminster Cathedral include US President Joe Biden. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Australian Leaders and French President Emmanuel Macron There are also royal families from around the world who will attend the ceremony. including Emperor Naruhito Emperor of Japan
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