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Blue Charcoal Bengal Black And White Bengal Cat
These are 5 things you should keep in Mind Before Getting an Bengal Cat
The Bengal cat can be classified as one of the most rare breeds of cat around the globe. According to The International Cat Association (the largest feline genetic registry globally) the Bengal cat is currently the most loved feline breed. As a result, they are blessed with an eye-catching appearance. Bengal cats are different than other breeds. It is vital that you are aware of the following details prior to buying an Bengal cat to be a part of your family. It is important to know that the Bengal cat is still considered a relatively new breed of domestic cats. Many people have heard about the Bengal cat and are interested in its characteristics and breeding. This is particularly true because Bengal cats are expensive to acquire. Despite its name however, the Bengal cat isn't a tiger. It's also not a leopard-mini or any other. A quality kitten from a reputable breeder will cost you anything from $100-$2000. There are many kittens available at a lower cost. The majority of the time, you get what is paid for. Breeders and their kittens could be pricey. Breeder kittens cost more and usually the price is based on color and markings. People prefer larger mark-making or rosettes. The process of breeding Bengal kittens can be stressful, costly, and lengthy. But it's rewarding. Breeding is a hobby and affection. If it wasn't you wouldn't even consider it. You never get a day off. Animals need constant care. Your daily food water, care, and love are the things they rely on. A good breeder will never allow their kittens to leave before the age of 13 weeks. All kittens need to be neutered, vaccinated, and FIV checked. Additionally, they must have a vet check done. When buying kittens, a contract as well as a health guarantee must be executed. Here are some important information. Check out the top rated Bengal Breeders for recommendations.

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Tip 1- Pelt-like Coats
The Bengal's hair, which resembles pelts, is soft and silky It is very distinctive to the touch. It has a delicate appearance that can be observed when the cats lay down or walking around in the sunlight. The moment their coats and markings shine most, that's the time when they shine. The best part about their pelt-like coat is that is requires very little to brushing, as Bengals tend to take care of themselves by licking their fur during shorter and less frequent self-grooming routines. Since there is less dry saliva that is left on their coasts and their coats, there is far less dander floating around in the air. This makes life a lot easier for those who suffer from allergies to cats.

Tip 2- Coat Colors
The Bengal cat's personality and outgoing nature is unparalleled regardless of colour or pattern. They are fun and frightened. Their curiosity makes the Bengal the perfect pet for children and their ability to adapt makes them fit easily in to the homes where pets live. The Bengal breed is characterized by a wide spectrum of colors. Every Bengal is distinct. The classic brown Bengals are characterized by gold or green eyes. They do not have blue eyes. Snow, Sepia and Silver, Blue, Black and Melanistic as well as Marble are all other colors. Other colors include charcoal, blue and other variations.

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Tip 3- Bengals Tend To Be Fairly High Maintenance
Bengals generally extremely demanding and difficult cats to keep. They are very close to their family members and will often demand lots of attention. But, they are not for everyone and can cause owners to be mad. You may not decide to get the Bengal cat if you're not capable of dedicating time each day to it. Bengals can be more like having an animal than cats. They will follow your around the house and will shout for attention.

Tip 4- They Can Be Noisy
Be aware of the fact that Bengal cats are noisy and disruptive. They can be loud and vocal. If you are willing to endure the noise of these cats, you could go for a one without any doubts in your head.

Tip 5- They Are Very Energetic
Bengal cats are an extremely active breed. They are active and energetic. When they do sleep they are active cats and extremely active.

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