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Urwerk replica watch
Urwerk gives its the most hot seller UR-100V a cosmic-themed remodeling


Now Urwerk’s the most hot seller model, the UR-100 is surely an unpretentious timepiece by Urwerk standards, equipped with the brand’s signature running time satellite tv disc that keeps track of several hours and minutes. In other words, the idea served as the base design that attracted many lovers to try the independent watchmaker’s avant-garde time display.

As a result, the UR-100 has gone through several iterations to cater to the various tastes of collectors, giving a range of materials and face colors. However , the latest version introduces something new to the show. For the first time in the series, the actual UR-100V Lightspeed includes a information of the time it takes for sun rays to reach every planet inside the solar system.

Traveling time display

Keeping true to its UR-100 root base, the UR-100V Lightspeed maintains that model's sleek circumstance design (now made of carbon) and is slimmer than standard Urwerk models, ensuring match for a variety of wrist sizes. Additionally , it retains the flying hour and minute capabilities, consisting of three satellite dvds located on the turntable to indicate the particular hours, each disc getting turns indicating the short minutes on the arcuate scale. The particular display, while simpler compared to the brand's satellite cubes, supplies a glimpse of Urwerk's indie watchmaking style at an affordable price.


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However , the latest Lightspeed does away with the dual astronomy displays found in earlier UR-100 models. This feature symbolizes the distance the Earth travels close to its axis of revolving every 20 minutes (approximately 555 kilometers) and the length the Earth travels around the Sun every single 20 minutes (approximately thirty five, 700 kilometers). This information will be conveyed through the movement in the hands on the traveling hour or so dial that rotates across the entire dial. Conveniently, typically the cutout is sized so that it takes exactly 20 a few minutes for a pointer to pass through the item.

While the twin distance display was progressively phased out, Urwerk introduced fresh astronomical information on the watch dial. The speed of light model capabilities the time it takes for mild to travel from the Sun with each planet in the solar system. This info was determined by calculating the space between the Sun and each world, taking into account the speed of light, which can be approximately 299, 792. 458 meters per second : the fastest achievable rate in the universe. For example , it absolutely was determined that sunlight takes around 8. 3 minutes on average to get to Earth.

Considering that the speed of light is a constant, typically represented by the symbol " c" in physical data, the time it takes for natural light to reach each planet stays consistent, temporarily ignoring often the change in the distance between the Sunshine and each planet throughout the orbital period. This information is now viewed on the dial, forming repaired values rather than a dynamic moment display. It is neither a great indicator nor a complicating factor that the level of curiosity is lower than initial thoughts suggest.

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Control winding speed

Inside the watch is the R 12. 02, which includes a proprietary module from URwerk and a base movement produced by Vaucher, unlike earlier motions derived from Zenith movements. Still UR 12. 02 may keep the " Windfänger" rotating system. There is a star tyre at the oscillating weight. Everytime the oscillating weight revolves, it can complete six rotations, thereby controlling the winding acceleration.

Urwerk UR-100V Speed of Light

Movement: THIRD 12. 02; automatic; forty-eight hours power reserve

Perform: hours and minutes

Case: 43 x fifty-one. 73 x 14. fifty-five mm; carbon and DLC-coated titanium; water-resistant to 55 m

Strap: Reddish rubber strap with flip-style buckle

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