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Brand Customization - Print on Demand Manufacturer
CJ POD brand started a more popular exclusive shoes customization service CJ POD BY YOU early in the year. In this service, consumers can choose the most representative shoes and choose their own preferences from multiple perspectives such as sole color, pattern, lace details, etc. After submitting the payment, they will enter the production process and will receive this unique pair of personal exclusive shoes in a few weeks. And ADIDAS also launched MIADIDAS customized service. (Print on Demand Manufacturer)
If it is to pursue more complex and artistic shoes customization services, it needs the help of an independent shoes customization studio. The artistic evolution of sneakers is also inseparable from the common blessing of these creative contemporary artists. The trainers of these independent studios usually have multiple labels, such as illustrators and graffiti painters. They will re create more creative and more complex shoes according to specific shoes, making the shoe body another canvas, so as to carry out more vivid visual performance.
Customized sneakers are usually presented in two forms. The first is a relatively simple and direct color change painting: painting is the mainstream method of domestic footwear customization at present, which is used by many start-up studios. The customers provide sneakers, and the studio uses paint to change the color or paint according to the needs of customers. The other is a more complex material transformation: this customization method requires a higher process for making sneakers, which is equivalent to "cosmetic surgery" for sneakers, and is similar to the concept of modified cars. This is just like the installation artist who uses the established materials to self understand and reshape them into works of art with self concept. Because of its complexity, it is difficult to popularize in the current domestic market. (Print on Demand Manufacturer)
In recent years, with the development of the secondary market of sneakers, Chinese sneaker culture has gradually entered a new era. And young snekaerhead are tired of pursuing the cultural concept of limited edition shoes, so more and more people begin to hope to get some personalized services based on their personal needs, so that they can be truly different in wearing and wearing, while reflecting their real aesthetic preferences, rather than drifting with the tide.
Looking around the world, we can see that CUSTOM SNEAKER STUDIO, which is very creative on European and American social platforms, is growing up in clusters and has preliminarily formed an industrialization model. For example, from the well-known footwear customization brand The Shoe Surgeon to FRE Customers, their customized footwear works have been supported by the star effect of basketball players and rappers who have recognized their concept, and gradually become a new footwear trend vane.
These orphan customized sneaker works are likely to become valuable works of art in the near future due to the inevitable or accidental social buzz effect, thus doubling their value. If the case of CHROME HEARTS is due to the unfortunate death of VIRGIL ABLOH, which has increased the out of print attribute of its products and has a little "opportunism", then in the future, if the football shoes customization service wants to go far, it needs more aesthetic business level support to help its industry to become more mature and artistic. After all, everyone does not want the football shoes art to be like the NFT concept, Full of potential crisis of foam. (Print on Demand Manufacturer)
At this year's E-Commerce Culture Festival, a senior person from Taobao believed that customized products and services are the future development trend of e-commerce, and the key is to see who takes the lead. Ms. Chen, a senior designer in Quanzhou who serves many brands of men's wear enterprises, also mentioned many times that after the market segmentation, the pursuit of personalized consumption that people have nothing but themselves will become a trend, and some online and offline small brand enterprises that follow the trend have begun to gain profits from it. Self affirmation of consumers will change the habit of "consumers will buy whatever enterprises provide". The era of "everyone is a designer" is not far away.
Customized consumption has a very long history, but it used to mainly exist in high-end areas, but it will be a matter of time before customization is pulled down from the altar. " Ding Hui, chairman of Norge, said. As one of the earlier men's wear brands that proposed fast fashion, Nokey has always been sticking to the second and third tier cities. Ding Hui is very optimistic about the future prospects of mass customization. Of course, he does not deny that the profit of advanced customization is relatively high, but as long as consumers' acceptance reaches a certain level, mass customization will have a significant development, which will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the market of advanced customization. (Print on Demand Manufacturer)
He believes that the best development of mass customization is in the field of women's clothing. Women want to pursue unique enjoyment of their own clothing, even small decorations. "Disguise" is the last thing they want to see. "I'm glad to see that the relatively weak Quanzhou women's wear market can also make a customized voice. After all, compared with men's wear, which has been in the forefront in the past few years, Quanzhou women's wear is still in its power stage due to the influence of regional design and other factors." Ding Hui said that the era of mass customization may have come, and more and more brands prefer to "customize" this market because they have responded to the call of the enterprise's own development goals and the demand of the market itself. He believes that as long as we persist and operate professionally, mass customization is bound to have a considerable market share.
The bosses of some developing enterprises also said that they would set foot in the mass customization market in the future.
In this regard, experts cautioned that it is necessary to do enough homework to get involved in emerging markets. First, there must be a fast production chain to ensure the delivery speed. Second, the cost accounting pricing must be accurate when designing single products.

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